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So October can be a busy time for you, archer. Things will be even more intense than usual as high octane Mars will be entering this zone on the 4th, its first visit here in two years. As a result, if you rely heavily on tech for your career, the next two months are awesome. Considering a blog, website or online store?

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Podcasts or a wicked social media campaign? But Mercury and Venus enter your secretive, quiet twelfth house early in the month.

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Mercury goes there on the 3rd followed by Venus on the 8th. This is where we go to rest and recharge our batteries. Physical healing is its province, so going on doctor appointments and undergoing medical procedures are advised if they are needed. The same holds true for healing your mind. This is why this month has two sides to it: a friendly, social one, but a private one as well.

Welcome to Virgo season, dear centaur!

Romance could go in different directions in October; it really depends on what your love life was like before the month began. But if a relationship is good, then this lunation could make it even better!

This is a terrific time to share your dreams and values with a lover so that you can get on the same page. With all of this planetary activity in the eleventh house of technology and friends, both online dating services and matchmaking BFFs could introduce you to a new flame. There is positive momentum that you carry forward from last month.

These aspects will only grow stronger for you now, stimulating your own creativity and pursuits.

Your warm qualities are intensified as you feel the need to stir up your chemistry with your lover. You feel closeness with friends that mean so much to you and you have a wonderful sense of belonging and caring. You are looking for excitement, adventure, and immediate feedback from partners and lovers. Your goals seem to be easily attainable with the encouraging support from friends and family.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Attitude is positive, energy is high and the overall quality of life is at its best. The interest from others is intense and you are noticed in almost everything you do. Follow those dreams and make a wish. You will be happy that you did. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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