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Scorpio - Capricorn Compatibility Scorpio Matched With Capricorn A Scorpio and Capricorn match is one that is a loving and nourishing relationship, and scores very high in love compatibility by most expert counts. Scorpio - Sagittarius Compatibility Scorpio Matched With Sagittarius When Scorpio and Sagittarius come together in love compatibility, there is a lot of energy and a lot of physical steam. This is a very dynamic combination that has a lot of sexual chemistry, adventure, and spontaneou… read more.

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Both of these water signs are intensely psychic, and so this is a relationship that is based on … read more. Scorpio - Libra Compatibility Scorpio Matched With Libra The Scorpio and Libra match will be one that some love compatibility experts will say does not come without challenges.

Scorpio compatibility

While this may be true, both Scorpio and Libra bring their own unique leadership styles to the table in… read more. Scorpio - Virgo Compatibility Scorpio Matched With Virgo The match between Scorpio and Virgo is a mutually satisfying one that has all of the potential to stand the test of time. Both Scorpio and Virgo not only want the same things, but they have qualities to offer the other that… read more.

If there is not, the two may sooner or later find that they are incompatible. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility: The Adventurer and the Sorcerer

But nothing is written in stone. A relationship is complex. There is no guarantee as to what will work and what will not, especially at length. All the personality traits of each Zodiac sign have to be considered when examining their compatibility in astrology. Generally speaking, Scorpio is a creature of deep and mind blowing passion. Sexuality, jealousy, love that burns the heart and tears the soul. You will not see it on Scorpio, who is a master of hiding emotions, but you will feel it. Scorpio thrives on everything emotional — anxiety, longing, fear, attraction, satisfaction.

All feelings of the human palette, and then some. This love story has to express them all. Know More.

3 Best Compatibility Matches for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

English name: The Bull. English name: The Twins. English name: The Crab. English name: The Lion. English name: The Maiden or Virgin. English name: The Scales. English name: The Scorpion.

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These differences need not create serious problems in your relationship. Emotional bonds between you can be very strong, especially if other astrological indications indicate strong romantic or sexual ties. Your partnership is an intense one, and you are likely to become very attached to, or obsessed with each other. If romantic attraction is even reasonably strong, this relationship could easily lead to marriage. First of all, both of you are very oriented towards marriage.

You prefer to be wholeheartedly involved in a deep relationship or not at all. Both of you are also prone to be possessive and very emotionally attached to anyone that you give your love to. Like most lasting, important relationships, yours will have its share of difficult times, and you both seem to thrive on passionate, tempestuous interactions.

Stormy fights and sizzling reunions may typify your relationship.

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You both love intensely and you hate with equal ferocity, so your relationship is likely to be either deeply satisfying or very destructive to you both; there is no middle ground for the two of you! The two of you are so different that it will take a lot of compassion and understanding for you to be together for any length of time. Both of you are initially very careful about revealing feelings, motives and vulnerabilities; you are unwilling to reveal your depths to others initially. It takes time for both of you to trust and become open emotionally.

Scorpio - Pisces Compatibility

Both of you have a natural suspiciousness and reserve, and both are disinclined to have casual relationships. This may create an emotional gap between you that may well be hard to reconcile. You are also both stubborn, rather opinionated, and inflexible. Both of you are very sensitive, feeling, compassionate people, and with one another you are able to have a depth of sharing and intimacy and emotional union that you will find with few others. Basically however, you are quite compatible and can have a very fulfilling union. Remember that comparing Sun signs is just the tip of the iceberg.

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There is far more to compatibility! See our Venus Sign Compatibility , our Love Sign Compatibility Grid , or order an in-depth compatibility report that compares numerous factors. Magenta Pink is Hot — Your Sun signs are trine. Your individual emotional dispositions are similar enough to understand, and different enough to be exciting.