Septiles in astrology

Its influence on an event is to bring a creative solution to a problem, a logical resolution rather than a Septile-Type solution. In problems, your personal ingenuity, creativity and influence can manipulate your way out. A student found that a negotiating deal was resolved when the Progressed Moon was Quintile Mercury.

Minor aspects manifest near exactness. It is said that Quintile Dominant personalities have a strong sense of mission but they must first define what they want in order to get it!

Basic astrology- Sun/Jupiter aspects

These aspects represent problems in which you are only peripherally involved. If you get involved, it will become an opposition, a conflict with another. A new situation requires too much adjustment but there is nothing that you can do about it. Do not travel or you will wait on circumstances, causing delays.

New situations, such as creating a new computer system, require that you learn something new and adapt. When prominent in the natal chart so that a YOD is formed, these people experience many fated events in their lives, events that seem beyond their control. These aspects imply a need for great personal transformation and these people are actually given many opportunities for a major metamorphosis.

The degree aspect involves planets, signs and issues that cannot be reconciled or compromised such as with the opposition.

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With any inconjunct, the individual is programmed with this misinformation. The analogy that I use in my classes is that they have been taught that somehow a lamp and a stuffed rabbit have something in common. They spend their lives pulling the ear of the rabbit to get the lamp to turn on— but it never does! They must re-program themselves so that they use the lamp switch and not the rabbit ear!

The inconjunct is out of touch with the energy of the planets involved. This condition does not cause a direct conflict. It operates indirectly so that the individual is less inclined to see the importance of the problem. The conflict never seems so bad that the individual is forced to do something about the unfulfilled energies involved. Because it is an indirect problem, the solution is indirect.

Transiting Septile & Multidimensional Phenomena

With the YOD , it is as it God has given you 99 chances to correct the dilemma of the inconjunctions. It becomes difficult to even want to change because the individual can too easily rely upon the energy of the sextiles. After 99 chances have passed, God takes over, grabs you by the scruff of the neck and makes the decision for you.

The Apex becomes activated. Once activated, the individual completely changes, even the appearance is not the same.

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With this occurs, the individual often wonders why it took so long to accept the change. Their life becomes dominated by the energy of the Apex planet. I dissect the inconjuncts in the Yod using his interpretations. Read what Alan says about the Mars inconjunct and the difficulty expressing anger appropriately. I am certain that you are asking about the Contraquindecile that everyone now calls as the Quindecile. That Aspect Natally causes a lifelong obsession, and in transit or progression causes a passing one. I do not know what you mean by Transpluto. Septile Aspect Astrology | Astrology | Astronomy

Transit Pluto? So if you have Venus Contraquindecile Pluto then ask yourself objective thinking, is, objectively, impossible, in Shakta philosophy, at least, but try your best if you have an obsession associated with an upheaval or emotional crisis influencing a desire or relationship. If the matter is in transit then it will pass and you had likely best let it pass. Their astrology isn't all that accurate e. Hitler has a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn, not Cancer and they don't seem to understand the dynamics of Tropical Astrology.

It is a particularly powerful pattern because it involves an angle and the rulers of three angles. Mars-Uranus gives a rather explosive type of energy. Hitler was the catalyst for great advances in the development of technology. His other septile pattern of Sun-Saturn-antiVertex is also powerful as it involves the ruler of his MC. Hi Alice, I read your article regarding the vertex and anti-vertex awhile back and I enjoyed it every much. Also, thanks for the great information on the septile. Really, really good stuff. I do disagree with you on the Magi Society though. I find their description of Hitler amazing eventhough they made a mistake with one of his signs.

Anyway, thanks for the input.

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  7. Bryan Btw, Alice how would a Venus septile Neptune express itself? Lura Guest. With Uranus and Mars in great emphasis, I feel a great deal of that 'electrical' axis Alice refers to. I learn that Uranus-Vertex disposes one, that they must use their inner perception to respond to higher vibrations. Lynn Koiner also provides a little more detail.

    In Esoteric Astrology, the theory is the vertex indicates RAY energy to be cultivated in this lifetime. Shift in personality, astral or mental body, drawn to others to express this aptitude. My Chiron opposition perhaps suggests one did not use this valuable gift in a previous lifetime, for various reasons. I applaud your bringing out more on this topic. And you provide much more on this forum than most. Keeps me listening. Sorry about the article appearing twice, I don't know how that happened as I thought I had only clicked the 'Paste' icon once.

    Byran, I would need to look at the whole chart to determine how Venus septile Neptune would manifest. I feel as though it would be a lovely, romantic, gentle energy with perhaps an interest in romance, art and music from other times, but that would depend a lot on the signs, houses and other aspects involved. Lura I was fascinated with the extract from Lyn Koiner's work you posted. I had not considered the Vertex axis in connection to the 7 Rays of Esoteric astrology. I have asked a very good Esoteric Astrologer friend of mine to consider this concept. If he comes to any conclusions I will let you know via this thread.

    Alice, Thank you for your interest. The Vertex has been a real eye opener for me in this lifetime and vocation. Without getting too in depth, I share what has helped me understand personally, a Vertex in opposition to a Juno-Pholus channeling. Plato: "The eyes sometimes fill with fire, the bowed head may rise, and new strength may be experienced. Fundamental fiery energy can make objects not only luminous but transparent, even resemble a strong electrical explosion. It is during extraordinary intensification this energy is kindled and the destiny seems to disappear.

    Fire flows through your veins. An exaltation is a blessed intensifier, cosmic explosions can be creative impulses. The mother will direct our sorrow into a channel of joy. The speed of life will seem frightening until people develop a speed of thought sufficient to outstrip it. Magnetics draw, but one must be ready to accept rescue. The fire of exaltation is the best connecting bridge. People do not understand that each of their light-minded deeds is observed by invisible entitities.

    Divisibility of spirit can bring transmissions to several people simultaneously. Directed human thought has a special energy not comparable to radio waves; there are no obstacles. The achievement in these peak moments strengthens the mind and creates new horizons of thought. We delude ourselves in limiting to the sense of touch. We are given other senses that we should utilize for total perception. There are complete incarnations, but also partial ones. A strong spirit can give part of his energy. This can be called a sending of the ray or a sending of energy. It provides an intensification of power that broadens the consciousness.

    It does not depress, but deepens straight-knowledge. If they have quintiles running off one of the planets involved in the septile pattern they can be highly creative or destructive with their knowledge or skill. Septile Aspect Astrology

    The septile patterns connected to the quintile patterns can be an indication of creative genius. So his genius Uranus had an excellent creative outlet. Just as angles are considered in aspect patterns, so can house cusps. This would increase his creative enjoyment of the septile energy. As the septiles give the ability to understand other realities it fits well with the Vertex axis, which is a doorway to other realities, so you often find the two combined in some way in the charts of exceptional people.

    He also had a septile pattern involving Asc-Uranus-Moon. One of the signatures of psychic ability is a septile aspect or pattern running off the Vertex axis, though people with this configuration usually do not enjoy publicity and prefer to keep their skills private.

    It is not unusual to have a planet in a septile series aspect to the Ascendant.