Cancer horoscope for 15 november 2019

None of the two extremes, physical or mental, should be in any way dismissed here, as they are meant to merge in one deep relationship, rather than be quenched in any way.

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Sensitive and deeply emotional, they need someone they will protect just as much as they need to be protected themselves. It is up to them only to show that they are stable, constantly there and a pillar of emotional support for their loved one to resolve their personal issues on their own. Those born on the 15th of November excel in martial arts, bicycle riding, all sorts of races and activities that require one on one contact. They are filled with initiative, ready to interact and give their energy where it is needed, and when they build a solid personal foundation, they often become philanthropists and those who financially and physically support others.

They will do well as physical therapists, chiropractors and masseuses, and work well with hands carrying a healing energy in their touch with Nature. Agrellite is a good choice of stone for those born on November 15th, helping them with ways of self-expression that are grounded and deeply personal. It prevents writers block and stimulates their need to get words out into the open, where they can see them and organize them in a focused manner. It alleviates anger and improves one's mood, showing hidden blocks to spiritual growth, cleansing connections with others on an energetic level where things cannot easily be cognitively explained.

Giving protection from their own need to control and dominate others, it is highly beneficial for their personal boundaries to be set. November 15th born are curious, open for new information, and always love getting a book, a puzzle, or something to assemble and communicate with in their everyday lives.

A kit with different tools, some clay, a new keyboard or a fancy pen are always a good option, and they might enjoy a course in calligraphy or public speaking, depending on the need of the moment. Take them out for a karaoke night or take them dancing, allowing movement and expression of emotion without restrictions. Intelligent, original in their ideas while deeply practical, they are providers and stable individuals who hold their ground and know just what to say at the right moment.

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The great Oracle. Being a forward thinking fire sign, you rarely dwell on the past. Act swiftly. But because circumstances are continuing to change, regard any decisions as tentative. When you discussed making changes in elements of your domestic or working life, they seemed straightforward and so you went swiftly from ideas to solid plans. Since then, changes in circumstances have meant rethinking things, sometimes more than once. Bizarrely, disruptive as it is in the short term, what you learn will prove immensely valuable. Take that approach and you could even find yourself enjoying what is seriously unexpected.

Recent clashes may have been as surprising as they were unfair. The problem is that others are seeing things entirely from their viewpoint. Certain well-meaning individuals are warning you about being too trusting, that is, accepting optimistic advice or the promises of others. The solution? Review your own ideas, plans and priorities, then proceed as you see fit. Discuss them later. While the promise of most will be clear immediately, some of what arises may seem nothing more than a disruption, possibly an unwelcome one.

However, actually making changes is another matter, something you want to undertake when, and in the manner, you decide.

The secret? Explore absolutely everything that comes your way. But with things changing so swiftly and, often, dramatically, some are running aground. Discuss remedies. Sometimes the period when the ideas planet Mercury is retrograde triggers confusion, but nothing more. True, initially, these may be inconvenient, if not actually worrying. Waste no time on explanations. Simply apologise and move on.

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As a painstaking Virgo, you long ago learnt not everybody cares about getting things right the way you do. Fortunately, that rarely matters. But now it does. In fact, the success of certain arrangements means relying on others. Waste no time worrying. Instead, get involved. Facts may be exactly that, facts. But when the planet of ideas and discussion, Mercury is retrograde, even what seems reliable information could prove to be far less trustworthy than you anticipated.

Few of the resulting changes will be a bother and a few could turn out to be a real improvement. While, at other times, the resulting discussions would be interesting, now it will lead to clashes, some worryingly intense. For now, say nothing. But, often, it means relinquishing control in a way you find nearly impossible. Still, try it.

Then begin discussing what happened and were things went wrong. The best approach is to explore, and learn from, everything, and let destiny guide the decisions you make. As a fire sign, you have a low boredom threshold. Be wary of doing that now. Things may be moving slowly but the outcome will be thrilling. For now, forget about long term plans and focus on today, the coming week and maybe month.

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What comes to light will lead to exciting but unexpected plans for the future. Between the current pair of eclipses shaking things up and the retrograde Mercury triggering the usual twists and turns, surprises are inevitable.

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Quietly withdraw and leave decisions to others. During the exciting but often unsettled month of July, even simple plans are likely to change, probably more than once, and possibly dramatically. But with so much in transition, what seemed your best option only recently will change as circumstances do. True, making flexible plans can be seriously challenging.

Being ruled by the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, you tend to be lucky, in minor and more major ways. At the moment, however, it could seem things have turned around and absolutely nothing is working out.

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Be patient. While that was true at the time, things have changed to the extent that these are now crucial. Discuss these openly, and the sooner, the better. Once you begin, everything will fall into place. What you learn will be surprisingly helpful, now and even more as the future unfolds. But even here, you can organise your time with others so everybody enjoys it, and benefits. You begin by learning about this, but will benefit for the rest of your life.

Yes, that means finding ways to balance the two. And, ideally, every day.