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Withinthat limit, if you ask, correctly, it could be predicted. Visitor : Canone correctly predict whether the pregnant mother canhave amale or female child? I : Predictions onnatal charts are given taking the moment of birth. This moment is never changeable. It is only one moment. Suppose aboy is born. He, after some time becomes afemale. How canone say from the chart it belongs to aboy or agirl, as the moment of birth and hence the horoscope remains the same?

Similarly, the moment of epoch which could be calculated only after the birth is asingle moment. If one does research taking the moment of epoch, it also can't throw light. Twins are bornat the same time, one boy, one girl. Hence no method is so far found. Research is being carried out. At present there is no science to predict this.

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It should be discovered. If anyone declares that he canpredict, he is abluffer. If you had 3 contact only with them, you are not infull wrong indeciding that the Science is a pseudo one But you are correct whenyou say that the so called scientist is wrong and you can't over-estimate yourself and pass any remark onthe developing science. Medicine is being developed day by day inleaps and bounds. Yes, do not you see In the case-sheets "Disease un diagnosed? Visitor : If it is so, what is the use of Astrology?

Daily don't you see that people carry the dead from the hospital? Whensome people admitted Inthe hospital do not walk to their home back but are carried away to cremationground, are you wise inadvising people not to admit inthe hospital? How many are cured? Does not this fact depend ontheir destiny? Similarly, if afew predictions fail, are you to conclude that Astrology is not science? Take the instances whereina person expects, something. But he experiences something else as predicted by the Astrologer. The Astrologer does not know your affairs infull as much as you know.

He takes only the moment whenyou meet him or takes anumber from you. He is able to predict correctly. This event, which he predicts, is not expected by you. Thenwhat do you say? Visitor : It may be aguess I : No! Guess comes after knowing the past. Here he does not know the past. Guess canbe the habit of afew Astrologers after reading newspapers or knowing the past and present circumstances. If they come correct, they jump. If the fail, they offer lame excuses. They never take pains to know whether the method which they follow is universally applicable.

Evenwhenthey know that it comes correct only inafew and miserably fail inmany, they have no other go. Their pots have to boil; business has to go on. Such astrologers without opening the eyes of other or simply throwing dust onothers' eyes, they apply such general principles and carry ontheir living; it appears as though they do not take pains to find out that happened to the predictions offered but presume that they would come true; or what does it matter whether it proves correct or not; or they probably know that if at all It comes correct, well and good: if not, the world is wide.

Only such astrologers bring ridicule to the Divine Science without bringing to the notice of the queriest the limitations. I : I know my limitations. I openly say, I do not care what another thinks of me. Speak the truth. Be honest. Mentionthe limitations. There where you canbe very correct, declare the result.

There where you can't as the Science has not I developed to that extent, don't take the subject; mentionyour limitations. Visitor : I agree. I : What is the use of dabbling insuch subjects for which there is no specific, clear cut and exhaustive rules. I want to do research till the end of my life onnatal charts and find out truth useful to each individual, to find out all matters connected with him and these should fit infor modernliving conditions. What is the use of wasting time to find "How many wicks were inthe lamp whenone's mother delivered; how many attendants were there at the time of delivery" and so on.

Visitor : So, you restrict your research for natal horoscope alone. Don't you know that Astrology has many branches? I want to serve the mass. So I do this research. It is advisable that every doctor specialises insome branch of medical science; afew brainspecialists; 6 afew opticians; afew dentist; afew E. Similarly inengineering afew mechanical, afew electrical, afew sanitary and so on. Hence, one can't under- estimate to other.

Each candevelop in anyone branch. One can't judge the ability of the other. So let me continue my research. Visitor : Why can't you take politics? I : This branch of science is inaninfant stage. Inmy life time, I want to complete the research onnatal charts and thentake up the Mundane Astrology. Visitor : Do not you think that you canoffer thrilling predictions and if by chance any of these come correct, you become popular? Failures will exceed the success as it is not yet made perfect. So the same attempt will bring, ridicule and shame.

Why should I either take risk or guess and be a laughing stock inthe market? Visitor : Suppose I ask you and simply to please me you work out with the available scientific rules and offer the predictions, what will be the accuracy of the predictions? I : Whenthe Science is incomplete, imperfect and thereby the results canbe incorrect, my predictionwill come correct if the 7 personconcerned runs good time and it must fail if the nature of event predicted fails during the unfortunate period of the querist.

Many give wrong time of birth; there are some who do not know eventhe date of birth: such people also hold high position and varieties of charts are casted by different people and discussed. Such people are not for the advancement of the science by carrying out research oncorrect chart.

They take achance. But I choose the charts after ascertaining the accuracy of the horoscopes. Visitor : Do not you have any method by which you canpredict events to apersonwho has no horoscope? Visitor : Have you published any book onthis subject? It is ready. Visitor : By applying Horary system canyou predict? I : Certainly. Visitor : Why cannot you do? I : It is being done and it helps them inavailing the opportunity. I : First of all, I am not worried whether X rules or Yrules; secondly whether they are short- lived or long lived.

If I have to please you by giving the answer, I do it only for your sake. Visitor : Have you every predicted correct ones? I : I do not believe insaying that X will have critical time inany year. But I give the date. Lai Bhahadur Sastri, the resignationof Mr. Visitor : Why should not you publish before hand? I : As I told you, I am not interested in their longevity. Secondly, since athird person puts the query and I answer him because I have to please him by correct prediction. Why should I publish and incure the displeasure of the personconcerned?

I do not want friendship of such people nor enmity. My predictionmay be Interpreted in any way. So, my caravanwill go ondoing research work and finding some truth for the benefit of the people thanto benefit myself with such cheap popularity and use astrology for my pot- boiling. I work to improve the Science and make it apuccaScience. It is as old as the ages of the Vedas. It depends onthe positionof the planets ascertained astronomically. It explains the celestial phenomenaand, he corresponding terrestrial events. The true meaning of astrology is the "Message of the Stars".

By using the salient principles of Astrology depending onthe positionof the planets ascertained astronomically one canforecast events for the benefit of all and as such, it is auseful science or interpreting nature "Astronomy is excellent; but it must come Up into life to have its full value And not remainthere as Globes and Spaces" - Emerson The whole world is runaccording to awell- defined plan. Nothing happens by chance. Astrology does not permit one to classify anything as an accident, as it explains the cause and effect of events.

The divine planis well arranged. It is timed with amazing precision. Some say that astrology is anart. Some others reject it as anidle dream or anillusion. Still others may speak of astrology as though it were analtogether contemptible superstition.

They contemplate with pity those who believe init. Some of those who have no disapointment or other difficulties inlife take pride in 10 saying that they have no faith inastrology and ridicule both the astrologer and the science. Probably they may fear that they may lose their self-importance if they were no recognize astrology. A few other say, under wrong impressionor with prejudiced ideas, that astrology is not ascience.

These people would not have mastered the dataonwhich correct predictions are based. This science explains clearly that such opponents of astrology will have intheir horoscopes evil aspect betweenMars and Uranus or betweenMars and Mercury. These planets, whenafflicted, do not give quick grasp of this science, good memory and reproductive ability, and produce people who are either ignorant, arrogant, envious or are always inclined to find fault with what they are not able to understand.

Pretending to know everything, they display their ignorance. The antagonists oftenquote the opinions of such learned men, who do not want to admit that it is a useful science. Learning is mechanical acquirement of facts and gaining knowledge inany subject. But wisdom is not so. Astrology canbe correctly Interpreted only by apersonendowed with divine grace and none cancall himself learned without knowing astrology. Agreat theosophist, Mr. Chidambaram Iyer, says that nothing canbe more funny thanto find young men, especially, taking up astrology, as their first subject of attack intheir public utterances.

It is asubject to which they pay little or no attentionexcept for purposes of ridicule. Inmy experience, I find afew elderly members behave worse thansuch youngsters. I submit that astrology is ascience and that it canrender very useful service to one and all and create faith eveninthe sceptic, if one studies this text book. A knowledge about the history of astrology and the illustrious and eminent sages and savants who practiced astrology would give abetter appreciation of the science itself.

Sage Gargasays that the science was propounded by the Creator Himself and that Brahma banded it down: to him at the time of creation. From Garga, other sages got it and it was spread all over. It appears to be co-eval with that of the Earth. Inwesterncountries there is acertainbelief that Seth B.

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This canbe inferred from the astrological books writtenlater by Arabic, Egyptian, Jewish and Persianwriters. Westerners believe that Seth was the first personto study the Planets, their motions and their pathway. It is he who divided the Zodiac into twelve equal parts, as he found that the Sunever follows aparticular path inthe Heavens, year after year;and he also noticed that this circular route of the Sunwas spaced out by twelve full moons.

Full moonoccurs once a month. Therefore the Sun's path is divided into 12 equal parts called 'Mazzaroth' which term we designate as "Signs", Rasis or solar mansions. Around 2, years ago, the priests and the shepherds of Chaldeatook this science for serious study and developed it. Their period was called the GoldenAge of Astrology, because they connected the movements of the planets with all kinds of events in humanlife. Thompsonsays that the Akkadians and the Sumerians observed the heavens and heavenly bodies and tried to note their courses.

The Babylonians and the Egyptians attributed some influence over the animate and inanimate objects onthe earth Astrology was popular and it wielded great influence over the rich, the priests, the princes and the kings. Mespero said that, inhis time, the mistress of the world was Astrology. Some are of the opinionthat Astrology had its origininChaldeafrom time Immemorial. They suggest that the very name Chaldeanmeans 'Astrologer 1. The Pythogoreans further advanced the concepts of the Chaldeans. They applied higher mathematics. Later, astrology came into the hands of the Greeks.

They concentrated more onNatal Astrology, as they had a deep-rooted religious nature and anenquiring mind. They always posed the questions, "Who am I? Why am I born? What for do I live? Why are there so much of Inequalities inlife? Many of the records of the early astrologers of Nineveh and Babylonare found among tl. Some of their finding are dated nearly 5, years ago. The Greeks were also enthusiastic infollowing astrology. They erected the horoscope for the time of birth and presaged the finance, family, fate, fortune, and future of the individuals.

One of the Greek horoscopes writteninPapyrus about 2, years ago is kept inthe British Museum. The Chaldeans who practiced this art of Astrology were held inhigh esteem evenat the time of Alexander the Great. They were also responsible for shaping the future of the nation. As canbe seenfrom the monuments, the inscriptions and moderninvestigations, this science dates back to 5, B. The Pharaohs gave much respect to the astrologers of whom Babilus was the leader.

He was always consulted and the duty of Babilus was to find out the charts of those who might perchance gain power, become a rival and create trouble to the emperor. Whenever Babilus foresaw any such native, he informed the king who put such people, to death Pharaohs had faith intheir astrologers. Oftenthey were consulted to interpret the dreams of the king. InPersia, the kings honoured the astrologer for their sound knowledge of this science. It is only Gjamasp otherwise knownas "Al Hakim" meaning 'Learned' anastrologer inPersiancourt who precisely predicted the time of birth of the Prophets.

The Saracens spread the Science inSpainin A. Brewster admits that inChinaabout B. In B. Cheuni was elected as the King inthat manner. Whenever Alexander the Great went out, he tookwith him the astronomer Calisthenls inall his 15 campaigns. He spread the science inthe East by giving out some of the rational methods adopted there and his visit to Indiahad helped him to learnmore and develop it further inhis country.

Henry Cornelius Agrippa, bornin , was the astrologer to Francis I of France whenhe was 38 years old. JohnDee was the favourite astrologer of Queen Elizabeth. The Caliph Mammonarmsheed translated many ancient astrological works into Arabic. Thus, every nationis to be credited with the knowledge of this Science. It is advisable to learnthe experiences and findings of research workers who had contributed to the technique of correct prediction. Let me mentionthe names of afew foreigners who have contributed to the development of this Science.

They were not only scholars inAstrology but were renowned and reputed Astronomers, Historians, Philosophers, Physicians and Poets. Astronomers : Ptolemy 67 A. Astrologers AlanLeo Sepharial Dr. Lily Culpeter Boreham RobsonNewton. InIndia, it is said that it was the sage Gargawho handed downthe Science to his disciples. Further, there are recorded evidences that Yavanas were very learned astrologers and that they lived many centuries before, Varahamihira, who admired, inhis text books, the progress made by the Yavanas inthis Science.

Yavanas have contributed much for the development of this Science inIndia. There are records to show that around B. Thus it canbe seenthat astrology was held in great esteem inall ages by the leaders inother sciences also. As years passed by, for various reasons, this science, which is to live long, and which will surely live long, has lost some or its charms.

But science remains ever ascience. Inevery age, aparticular science alone receives much attentionand is developed, eventhough every science has its owninnate value and is useful to us. No country had ever passed quiet without any advancement inany branch of science. So inevery age anyone science may be very popular, whereas the other sciences may be ignored, though not totally forgotten. It is not unlikely that there are people even now whose names would come as agreat surprise to all; there will be very earnest and loyal students of astrology who will popularise astrology.

This book is published with the sincere desire that Astrology should be made popular. Much of research is done regularly and systematically. Furthermore, it has to be carried out. There should be fool-proof methods to read accurate results. Students of astrology with half-baked knowledge should be educated and imparted higher knowledge.

Their doubts should be cleared. Those who bring ridicule to this noble science should be silenced by producing able astrologers who will give correct knowledge to them.

It is only with correct and clear understanding of the subject one canpredict astoundingly accurate 18 results, and establish that the noble legacy, astrology, givento us by our forefathers, is indeed ascience which is as accurate as any other science. The present positionof astrology, inthe hands of a number of astrologers, is really deplorable. The excuse may be that there is no proper educationto them and hence the result is unsatisfactory. Evenwhenwatches are manufactured by anyone concern, no two watches agree.

If they are manufactured by many, one can guess, how they will be. Similarly, astrologers and a few other professionals usually offer different opinions, confusing the already depressed consultant. So I suggest that coaching up of students is absolutely necessary to have the same school of thought. To say that it is not afit subject cannot be said as awise statement from the astrologer's point of view.

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Inmany other countries, astrology is included in 'the curriculum. It is understood that, inAmerican University, Astrology is included. Now in Indiain Jaipur Astrology is included. Scientific circles there give serious attentionto it. Astrologers are today thankful to the Astrological Research Associationof New York which publishes aquarterly Editor : Charles Jayne , and all Research Scholars are allowed to contribute their articles. At present inIndia, Astrology is like a T. It is handled by afew. Of them, same 19 are avaricious, some other have commercialised it by fortunetelling without the desire to maintainthe prestige and utility of astrology.

Some alone sacrifice everything for this noble science, the rash and worthless predictions of a few astrologers have debased astrology and these are received with sarcastic smile only to be dismissed. Nadis Some people fell sorry that they consulted "Nadis" writtenonpalmyraleaves claimed to be written by the ancient Rishis of India. It is afact that the events inthe lives of many persons bornand yet to be born are found writtenalready by Hindu genius.

People who have consulted add that they are dumbfounded with the surprisingly accurate happenings of the past events, but feel upset whenthe future predictionfall miserably. This is acommoncomplaint. Thousands of years ago, Rishis wrote these wonderful predictions. Whey they canbe very correct inall the predictions from the time of birth of the native till the date of consultation, why they should fail in their future predictions cannot be explained. I also agree with those who say that this needs proper investigation because there are alarge number of genuine Nadis and it is likely that afew may be unauthentic ones.

The solutioncanbe found easily If the palm leaves are handed over to the consultants, by the owners, who hold the leaves and read out the results, as if from them. I am confident that if the palm leaves are given to the querist and if the reading of the past and present should agree correctly, the future must also be 20 invariably correct whenalone the Nadi canclaim to be one of the genuine documents.

Our sages who had writtenNadis cannever fail intheir predictions and they have never failed, because of their intuitive power and scientific knowledge. It is not unlikely that afew readers of the palm leaves gainenough knowledge and experience in reciting verses, composed by themselves inno time. A few of them, whenthey read the past events, have to read very strictly the material as infound inthe leaves, because the past has to be correct.

Thenonly, the consultant will hear him further. But whenthe future is to be read, it is opento doubt as to whether he reads only those materials found onthe leaves or he himself coins verses suiting to the taste of the querist. Inone case, aconsultant and his friend caught hold of such afraud, the Nadi reader, redhanded, because he had Mahabaratham onhand and read his life by having those leaves onhand, looking at them and turning over pages after pages every 5 minutes.

Another experience at Benares was also published in the magazine Astrology and Athrishta. It is apity that the existence of avery few of such people bring ridicule to this amazing Nadi. Another investigationis also to be made to find out whether the documents are genuine and original. There is the doubt, whether the authors, i. Whatever it is, there are records now, to prove that astrology was practiced by many people, thousands of years ago who could predict eventhe birth time of anative in20th century, the place of his birth, names of his parents, occupations etc.

They had such profound knowledge. Now it has deteriorated to avery great extent, like a multi-millionaire having afew hundreds inthe bank. It is more or less inapitiable conditioninIndia. Infact there is probably not one science which is not properly understood, which so many pretend to know, and onwhich so many are prepared to express onopinionas inthe case of astrology.

Westeners are always research-minded. If they find any truth inany statement and if they are convinced, they study it further, and develop it. It may be that there are failures. So says Didorous inhis writings in30 B. Astrology I have, so far, beenbriefly stating the fate of astrology inIndiaand inother countries from the time of Creationtill today. No one is inpossessionof ail the findings of our sages; nor are we blessed with such aGuru who canimpart correct scientific knowledge to us.

Whatever we may have today is only apart of what they have left behind. A subject taught by Professor will be complete. We are not fortunate to have such an advantage inour life-time. So with what little literature we possess, we have to understand the fundamental principles and then, by regular and strenuous work, develop it.

Another disadvantage is that inIndiathere are many languages and the subjects were writtenmostly inverses. The first difficulty is to translate them correctly into the respective languages and get them printed. Some books inGujarati are not available inTamil; nor are they heard of by Tamils. Ineach language, only new books are produced. Many are left out due to various reasons, the mainone being the cost of printing and the lack of satisfactory encouragement from any source.

Hence the ancient literature available ineach place is incomplete like a torn-out Dictionary. It is apart of the whole. This is one of the mainreasons why we feel the need to have a study circle and do research. It is our view that one should know the principles of astrology by studying all the available books written 23 by various authors, both Hindu and Western. We have to collect horoscopes of different people especially twins, bornat different times but inthe same Latitude and Longitude, births inthe same place at the same time, and births indifferent places having similar charts.

They have to get particulars of actual facts from them, the nature of events that occured, and tile time of such events. Every method of predictionis to be properly applied inorder to see which method is satisfactory inexplaining the events inaprecise and correct manner. If certainmethod appears to offer diametrically opposite results, the astrologer gets an opportunity to do more research with the material available and find out the inner truth of astrology, being inamendments, and suggest alterations to the original rules or supplement them by the findings which will prove to be correct, whenapplied to them and other similar cases.

Thus many research workers and publishers have to co-operate, and publish inthe present commonlanguage English, or Inall languages inIndia, so that we cando real service to the public at large. Whenwe hear complaints from astrological minded people, we find that they do not ridicule the science of astrology but only those astrologers whom they consulted. The mainreasonfor the failure of most of the astrologers is due to the defects intheir methods of interpretationand their incapacity to satisfy the qualifications prescribed by Varahamihira.

Qualifications of anastrologer The Sage says; "Anastrologer should come from anoble family, should be good to look at, modest in 24 temperament, true, impartial, and with good physique. He has to be active and courageous. He should be clear inhis statement, witty, sincere and free from vices. He should have no stage-fear. He should worship Devas; observe fast and penance; and must be conversant with astronomy and astrology.

Inthe astronomical science, there are five schools of thought in India: 1 Paulisa, 2 Romaka Siddhanta, 3 Vasishta. The astrologers should be through with all the Siddhantas. He must be able to understand the objections and points of differences". He assures that whenanastrologer has thoroughly understood the mathematical portionand has acquired the sound principles of astrology, his predictions and teachings will never fail. He asks "How could one who has not understood the spirit of the Sastras, be called anastrologer? Varahamihira admits "It is easy for anybody to cross aseaif the breeze is favourable.

But it is not possible for aperson, who is not asafe to reach the other shore of the ocean or astrology". Varahamihiraopines that evensages inforests, free from domestic worry, pride and prejudice, welcome the astrologer and without hesitationtake interest inastrology whenthey, by chance, meet any wise astrologer. He warns that the Kings will have pitfalls evenlike a blind pedestrian, if he has no astrologer to guide him properly, well inadvance. Varahamihirareiterates thus : "Therefore aKing, who desires to maintainfame and enjoy anall-round success, must engage the services of afew leading astrologers who are not only versatile but also clever, well-versed and skilled in this science of prognostication".

He turns to the people of the nationand goes to the extent of saying. Varahamihirafears that a King who does not patronise such astrologer, who satisfy these qualifications, will surely come to grief and will be denied mental solace. Varahamihiraencourages and cheers up such astrologers saying that no manor womanwho studies the science, of astrology and divines the course of destiny will be seeninHell. Inthis world, by Hell we meanthe worry, anxiety, disharmony, depression, disapointment and no ray of hope for redemption. After death none knows what Hell is. It may be againa rebirth to suffer further.

Thus astrology does contribute 26 beneficial effects to one and all including the astrologer: inwhichever caste or creed the astrologer may be born, it does not matter, he is honoured. Varahimihirasays that the Yavanas were of low birth. Whenastrology had come to stay with them, they were adored. Evennow, if astrologers of their standard were available, they will be honoured as astrologers, and they cangainmuch influence and render real assistance to all those who approach them evenas a river inspace canquench the thirst of the human beings, animals, birds, aquatics, plants, trees, etc.

But aquack is like adeep and dangerous river putting an end to the life of one by wetting the banks dragging him to the depth, immersing him to the bottom, keeping him there itself for some time, and finally lifting him up to float, dead. Astrology-its use and Limitations Astrology is ahighly respected science; no other method of divinationis worthy of mention. If life's journey canbe compared to that of crossing ariver, the astrologer canbe compared to anexperienced boatman. Let us take the experience of one who is crossing ariver. Whenone crosses the river by wading, he finds that the depth of water is increasing.

At one stage, whenhe realises that the current is too strong, he is afraid and unnerved. Luckily, for him aboatmanis sighted. He called the boat manand asks, "Sir, canyou kindly tell me 27 whether the river is getting deeper and I have to struggle further, or will it be less deep hereafter, so that I cancross the river without fears.

The boatmanwho possesses sufficient knowledge replies, "There is no need for fear. You have takenthis route which is your fate. The depth will increase as you proceed only for ashort distance. Then fortunately for you, you will meet with arocky stratra where the water will be shallow and thereafter there is no need for anxiety.

So, you may carry on". The traveller gets courage to cross with confidence eventhe deeper course. Is he not free from anxiety from the moment the boatmangives him the correct knowledge which the passenger does not possess. The boatmandoes not give him alife to cross the river by taking him inhis boat.

He only gives him the knowledge, whereby he gains mental strength. Similarly, the astrologer by his predictioncangave the knowledge of the dark future. Suppose one complains to the astrologer : "I can't understand why God does not help me to get married.

I am I am worried, I doubt whether God who created me has completely forgottenmy existence. Why do I continue to live alone, I don't know. The astrologer replies, "Sir, you are destined to marry only at the age of Please wait; you will have your turnonly then. However much you try, you can't get married earlier. Saturndelays it till you get dejected".

At least you have offered mental solace to me," he says and proceeds onhis course. The Astrologer has givenonly mental strength. He has not relieved him of his worry by offering a girl. Another may come and say, "Sir, the pressure from Bank and bankers is unbearable. Such thoughts, as to why I should not commit suicide and put anend to this trouble always flash inmy mind. What do you find inmy horoscope? Is there any ray of hope to be free from these worries? The astrologer says : "However much you try you can't clear the loans for ayear to come.

The bankers will be pressing you. You will somehow manage to give excuses. Days will pass on; next year you will be all right, your finance will improve so much hat you will be able to evenlend assistance to others. You may not believe me now. At that time, you will remember astrology" No doubt, the querist feels as though he has cleared the loan. No astrologer will give acheque and give relief, even, if the querist, inhis confused state of mind mentioned that suicide would solve this problem easily. Thus interpreted inall correctness, aknowledge of astrology does afford mental strength to the feeble and weak-minded, solace to the depressed, peace to the anxious and worried and steadiness to those who are wavering the vacillating inmind.

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Bhukti lord Ju signifies 6,11,12 and is connected with 4,6,11 by sub. The event can happen in this Ju Bhukti. The current running Antara is Venus from 13 Jun to 07 Nov Ve 10, , in the star of Me 8, , in the sub of Ra 4 whose signification has been discussed above. Antara lord Ve signifies 1,4,12 and is connected with 4,6,11 by sub. It is favorable for the fructification of event. In the Ve Antara, to choose a fruitful Sookshma the signification of current and coming Sookshma lords is checked as below: 1 The current running Sookshma is Jupiter from 27 Aug to 16 Sept Ju is already taken as Bhukti lord and it is too early to choose it for Sookshma.

No planet is in the star of Sa and Sa is a self strong planet for 1. Sa is in the star and sub of M 8, Sookshma lord Sa signfies 1,9 and is connected with 1,4 by sub. It is favorable for the event to happen 3 The following Sookshma is Mercury from 09 Oct o 30 Oct Me signifies 1,4,6. But Me is not in RPs.

Signlord is Ma 7, ; in own star and sub of Su 8, 3. Ke is rejected for being in the sub signifying 3 12 to 4 and 8 disappointment. As the house 8 is signified by all Antara, Bhukti and Sookshma dasa lords Ju, Ve, Sa, it is supposed to get the Green Card after some kind of disappointment, like friends already got but not yet got, got late etc. Unfortunately there was a feedback of not yet receiving the job related Green Card in the quota of the financial year ended at the end of Sept As the Green Card is promised and the present job is also astrologically secured, it is still expected to get it in the new financial year before the end of Venus Antara, 7 Nov , after disappointment and delay due to the repeated signification of the house 8 and Punarphoo effect.

Saturn Relevant to Timing of Events 1. In considering the effect of Saturn in the timing of events, the KP guidelines are as follows: 1 Saturn is considered to be a delaying planet and occasionally a denying one depending upon the ownership and accidental occupation at the moment of birth of the native. Whenever Saturn is in any manner connected with Moon or Mars or Jupiter, there cannot be delay.

It can delay till its own i. Saturn period commences and when Saturn sub-period starts, it fulfills surprisingly suddenly and most satisfactorily. If Saturn is said to be a delaying planet, it does not allow the lords of the previous sub-periods to offer the result which is he is also entitled to give. When Saturn is really very much connected with houses 2, 7 and 11 by being the owner, by being the occupant of the constellation of lord of 7, by aspecting the constellation of lord of 7, by aspecting 11 etc.

Whenever Sani happens to be a significator of a particular matter, it will not deny but will cause delay. If it is connected with houses 2, 7 and 11 by occupying the house or owning it or situated in the constellation of the planet posited in any of these houses, it will cause delay at every time- in fixation of marriage, celebration of marriage, etc. It will not Page But if Sani has no connection with houses 2, 7 and 11 but only throws its aspect, this portends denial and even disappointment.

Generally, all those in whose chart Sani is placed in the 5th house will have their marriage, delayed and delayed till the very end. KP Reader IV, page Saturns Effect of Delay or No Delay 2. When Punarphoo Dosha is present in the chart due to Saturn-Moon connection in any manner, it is used to consider that there would be delay in marriage or happening of the event. However, Dr. Rangarajan Krishnamoorthy has found in his study of 67 Punarphoo-effected Natal charts that only 32 V Raman, Mrs.

Sandy Crowther etc. It would be no delay in the cases such as: 1 When Saturn is very much connected with houses 2,7 and 11 and Mars and Jupiter etc. In considering whether Saturn DBA dasa periods are capable of giving marriage in the Punarhooeffected charts, the views as given under: 1 Saturn who is a delaying planet will not allow marriage until his Bhukti or Anthara period is over and the event will materialize only in a favorable dasa periods of the succeeding planets.

It is supported by the above conditions in 2 and some experience that the event is used to happen in Saturn, Moon DBAS periods. Kar, Shri Vaikari Ramamurthy, K. Subramaniam and Mr. Kanak Bosmia 3 The bottom line is whether Saturn and Moon strongly signify 2,7,11 houses other than mere connection of Saturn and Moon. Cancellation of Punarphoo 4. Kar's theory of cancellation of Punarphoo to destroy the evil effects of Punarphoo by burning Sat or Moon by Sun's ray is found not significantly working by some experience of Mr.

Another cancellation idea of Saturn giving: a marriage without delay, if there is adverse Western aspect between Moon and Saturn; b delayed marriage, if there is Western favorable Western aspect is to be tried. KP for Beginners, Vol. The experience is that whenever both Saturn and Moon are applying conjunction in the 7th house or 8th house, the date of marriage is post-phoned and in the latter case, the marriage with the first party breaks off and the marriage takes place with change of partner.

But where both the planets are in rapt conjunction exact degree in the said houses, the dosha is totally nullified and there is no delay at all. Saturns Denial of Marriage 7. The above KP ruling in 1. Chart 1: Male, 24 October Saturn in 1st house throws aspect on 7th house by Hindu aspect but Saturn does not signify any of 2,7,11 marriage giving houses, i.


Saturn is in 12, lord of 1,12 and in the star of Mars in 6, lord of 3, Moreover, 7th cusp sub-lord Venus is in the deciding sub-lord of Moon, which is in 4, lord of 6. Thus marriage is denied as per KP. Saturns Delay of Marriage till the Very End 9. Another above KP ruling in 1. Jupiter Bhukti of Saturn Dasa. It is to note that Saturn in 1,3,5,7 and 10 counted from lagna delays the time of fixation and celebration of marriage. Saturn placed in the 5th house house of celebration of marriage aspecting the 7th cusp by the 3rd aspect delays the wedding till the native gets disgusted and dejected Since Saturn does not aspect marriage giving houses 7,11,2, the above said ruling in 1.

Here Punarphoo is not present to give an excuse and delay of marriage till now is possibly due to some negative signification of Rahu as 7th cuspal sub-lord and lord of the current running Dasa. By occupation and lordship, the Dasa lord and its star lord indicate the houses, whose matters will be enjoyed during the Dasa period. The sub lord of the Dasa lord will indicate whether the results indicated by the Dasa lord and its star lord will be positive or negative.

The same can be said about the Bhukti lord also. The Dasa lord is the most powerful commander. No Bhukti lord can offer a result, if the Dasa lord does not permit. What the Bhukti lord can do is to obstruct the Dasa lord from giving results but he cannot alter the result. Planets form a cabinet. The prime minister is the Dasa lord.

The Bhukti lords are the ministers and the Antara lords are deputy ministers. The following example chart- 1 attached shows that the Bhukti lord cannot provide the result, which is not allowed by the Dasa lord. No planet is in the star of Mo, which is sub lord of The example chart-2 attached denotes that the Dasa lord can provide the result, which is not supported by the Bhukti lord.

No planet is in star of Mo which is sub lord of the 2nd cusp. Me 6, is in star Su 5, 9 and in own sub Me 6, No planet is in star of Sa which is sub lord of the cusps 6, In KP it is not a necessary condition for each DBA lord to signify at least one of the required houses i.

That is the reason for failure of the prediction generally based on the houses which are commonly signified by all the dasa lords. The cusps indicate whether the matter is promised or not. Significators point the time of event. Both dasa and transit must agree for the event to materialize. The agreement means that the dasa lords in transit should also signify the required houses.

An event, which is promised, happens in the joint period of DBAS signifying the required houses. A promised event cannot happen, if the Dasa lords are not favorable. Since an event cannot happen without being promised and the cuspal sub lord of a house is all powerful, it is worthy to test the following rules whenever they are relevant: 1 One cannot suffer the accident in the period of the dasa lord signifying 8th , if the 8th cuspal sub lord is the significators of 3 and 11, which promise a life without accidents; 2 One cannot suffer all the adverse matters indicated by the 12th house in the Dasa of 12th house significator, if the 12th cuspal sub lord is strongly signifies the improving houses 1,2,3,6,10,11, especially 11th, as in the chart of Mr.

Tony Blair; 3 The effect of the 11th Badhaka can be relieved, if the 11th cuspal sub lord signifies the 10th house, which is 12th to 11th house, etc. The karaka without the signification of the required houses is not a significator itself but the limited use of the karaka can be considered: 1 The dasa lords connected with 4th house and Mars will indicate house.

In order to get the better prediction results, all the houses signified at the planet level, star level and sub level are to be jointly considered, keeping in mind that the houses signified in the first two levels opposed by the sub-lord signification cannot give the desired results and the houses strongly signified at the sub level, even though not signified in the first two levels, can give the desired results.

This approach has been practiced by Shri C. Bhatt and followed by Mr. Kanak Bosmia with success, and it has been found that sometimes the events happen by the sub signification only. In addition, a cuspal sub-lords becomes the strong significators of houses for which a planet is the cuspal sub-lords, if that planet has no planet in its star. Moreover, if a planet is deposited close to the next cusp within 3degmin orb, its signification of the next house is also to be considered.

The sub-lord of a planet decides whether that planet is auspicious or in auspicious for the house signified by that planet. Sri K. Subramanium has also reminded in his last Sub Lord Speaks article LX that the sub-lord of a planet tells the fructification of certain matters, shown by the sub-lord and the result of either good or bad in terms of the signification of the sub-lord. In judging the signification of the sub-lord, he used to consider the star-lord of the sub-lord. The sub-lord gives the decision in selecting the fruitful significators whose sub-lords are the significators of the required houses in such cases when a planet is the significator of many or almost all houses.

In a theory which takes the sub-lord as a significator, not a decider, the sub-lord is no more helpful for selection of fruitful significators in such cases. The cuspal sub-lord is also a planet and considering its star-lord is the second level but not the fourth level judgement.

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Just as the favorable or unfavorable effect of a planet in DBA analysis is controlled by its sub, an examination of the cuspal sub-lord of a house enables to decide finally and clearly, whether the matter denoted by that house in question is promised or not. During the same dasa level, the sub-lords of the dasa lords indicate marriage in a sub dasa level and divorce in another sub dasa level and the same for sickness and cure etc. Without applying the sub-lord in prediction and the Placidus house system in casting a horoscope, it is not KP.

As Shri Kuppu Ganapathi has mentioned, KP is the sub-lord theory, nothing else and the discovery of the systematic sub application in methods of prediction has crowned KP with success. Kar applying the sub-sub-lords 2 Cuspal Interlinks Theory by Mr. Basakaran KB applying interlinks of sub- lords. Sunil Gondhalekar applying the star-lord of the sub-lord as 4th step These theories are to be applied by their own names, without mixing with KP because they use the principles and methods of prediction different from KP, not traditional KP, only one KP, which is invented by Guruji KSK only.

Though 4 Step Method is based on the KP principles, its methods of predictions and steps are not identical to KP methods. The bottom line is to apply KP or any other theory separately on its own principles and methods of prediction in order to avoid the confusion. Lagna Lord occupying any one of houses shown and tenanting in the stars of 2,10,11 lords and occupants Lagna Lord not occupying any one of houses shown but occupying 5 or 8 or 12 and tenanting in the stars of 2,10,11 lords and occupants Lagna Lord not occupying any of houses shown but tenanting in the stars of 5,8,12 lords and occupants Lagna Lord ocupying any of houses shown and tenanting in the stars of 2,10,11 lords and occupants Lagna Lord occupying any of houses shown and also tenanting in the stars of 5,8,12 lords and occupants.

Lagna Sbl connected to houses shown and not connected to 8 Lagna Sbl connected to houses shown in combination other than a single separate house Saturn is karaka for longevity. Also to check 6th Sbl for the same signification. Also to check 6th, 8th, 12th Sbls for the same. Also to check 11th Sbl for the same; one used to resign and go out to another place to find ones fortune. Jupiter is karaka. Also to consider 7th Sbl being Me or connected to a dual sign and 9th Sbls signification of 2,9,11 If not connected to 5,8, Earning money by Ones exertion Self-acquisition Brother, short journey, touring, agency, editing Education, transport dept.

If Sbl signifies 5,8,12, money is lost during DBA of 8, If Ma or Me or Sa, speaks lie. Also consider similar signification of 1,8,12 Sbls for such danger and calamity. Loss in appeal Timid and coward person Selling Possession Selling with profit Selling at loss Making money by selling possession Negotiation For marriage. To take over a business Competitive exam Materialization of long distance phone call foreign call.

Also unemployed appearing for interview; entering into a profitable business contract. False; If in Ju star, True. If lord of sub connected to Sa, False; connected to Ju, True. Ma, Ra, Sa. Jupiter is karaka for recovery; 9th is facilita- tor for good health. Also check 6th and 11th. Also to check 6th. Venus is karaka Falls in love without sexual contact. Get a partner in business. Having a love affair with sexual relations. Failure in love affair Having a love affair leading to marriage. Incurable; Also check 1st cusp sub-lord. Saturn is karaka for job.

Also to check 10 th Sbl. Also to cross check 10th cusp sub-lord Jupiter is karaka. Also to cross check 11th cusp sub-lord. Aggravating nature of disease under control To get a desired or good job Obstacles, impediments and mental agony in service matters Will tender resignation of service in haste Borrowing From younger brother From mother From children From wife or business partner Due to disease, difficulties For expenses related to foreign travel, higher study To repay debt due to business From elder brother or friend Debt caused to meet loans MARIAGE Marriage.

For Horary chart; Also to be similarly signified by 10th Sbl. Also check 10th Sublord. Venus is karaka. Jupiter transit is mostly found in one of 2,7, If a planet is a strong and single significator of 6 even though it is a significator of 2,7,11, it wont give marriage. Marriage to a girl of pleasurable sex Marriage to an aged partner Marriage to a widow.

Misunderstanding with partner, separation which may lead to divorce; To check 11th for married life. After love marriage if 5th is involved. Failure in love affair; Partnership breaks. If 7th significator signifies 6,9, wife will leave; if 3,12, husband will go away. Rule- 3 by Mr. Kanak ; More reliable if all 3 rules are met. Without 7. Misunderstanding with partner and family members Separation due to misunderstanding with partner Separation of partner by death. Separation by violence Marriage already fixed stops abruptly Loss in business, industry.

Rendering wealth Getting gratuity, insurance etc, property of the deceased person Getting dowry. Also to check 1st Sublord for the same signification. Mars is karaka. Also to check 1st Sublord Mars is karaka. Lagna Sublord should not be connected to 5,8; otherwise property will remain in the wifes name. Lagna Sublord should not be connected to 5,8, otherwise one will never get such property. Getting unearned income Also to check 7th Sublords signification of 8,11 Also to check 7th Sublord for the.

Also to check 6th Sbl the same. Due to a lot of difficulties; Also to check 6th Sbls signification of 6,8,12 for being in debt. Study to become a medical doctor Having disgrace, ill reputation, spoken low in ones life Dacoit person of nuisance for others Leader of dacoits or robber Can have a business partner Further studies Master, Ph.

Going abroad. Pilgrimage Separation from father Long life of father Short life of father 2nd marriage. Will be successful, if 9th Sublord signifies 8,12; Also to check 12th Sublord. Lagna Sublord is also connected to 5,8, If 5,12, never have a business partner; Also to check 7th Sbl Also to check 11th Sublords Signification of 4,9,11,6. Mainly to check 12th Sublords signification of 3,9, Also to check 10th Sublord.

Also to check 11th Sublord. Also to check 11th Sbls same signification for large profits. Mercury is karaka. Mars gives courage to do so; Also to check 7th Sublord for the same signification. Successful astrologer Pilgrimage Donation to charity Sale of immovable property Inheriting property. Mars is karaka for building; Saturn for land.

Also to check main 3rd Sublord. Also to check 9th Sublord. Honorable life but materially poor Decent living Poor living To own publishing press Obstacles, impediments and mental agony in service matters Will tender resignation of service in haste. Also to check 6th Sublord for the same signification. Mars is karaka for building; Saturn for land, mines, estate Also to check main 4th Sbls signification of 4,11, For father to check 11th 5 from 7 first and then also 5th Sublord.

For father to check 5th Sbl also. For mother to check 5th Sbl also. Getting passport, visa to go abroad Getting Green card permanent stay permit. Also prosperity to children; Also to check 5th Sublord. Also to check 7th Sublord. Also to check 12th Sblord for promise of foreign going. If 3rd Sbl signifies 2,10,11, it is a change for better; if 8,12 for loss; Also to check 10 th Sbl for same. Signification of 12 house indicates investment.

Also to check 9th Sublord as a supportive indication; it is also an indication of someone leaving home or running away. Also an indication of coming back of someone who left home; end of frequent foreign travels Reunion with kith and kin; 3,9,11 grouping is found for better result Also to check 11th Sublord. Also to check 5th Sublord. Also to check 12th Sbl; planets in 12 for the same significator; to check whether sign of 12 is also sign of 2,6, Sublord may not be always Rahu but can be Sat or another planet.

Also an indication of getting bail Connection to Mars indicates eye operation. Never returns home. While 12th Sbl signifying 6,11, it is the best time to sell a property. Construction of a religious building Free from debt Giving donation Having bed comfort with ones wife Purchase of a house. Also to check 6th Sublord. If Sbl is Venus, it will be a lifelong happiness. The cuspal sub lord of a house indicates whether the event or matter signified by that house is promised or not.

If it is promised, then the event would happen in the joint period of the fruitful significators of required houses for that event. In the House Grouping Tables, if the cuspal sub lord of the house mentioned in Column 1 is the significator by occupation or ownership at the planet, star and sub levels of the house or houses mentioned in Column 4 , then the event shown in Column 3 is promised.

Then only during the joint period of the significators of the house or houses mentioned in Column 5 the results of the matter shown in Column 3 For example, marriage is promised, if the 7th cuspal sub lord signifies the required marriage houses 2 or 7 or 11 2nd- addition to family members; 7th - legal bondage, spouse, the main house for marriage; 11th- permanent tie of friendship. The marriage would take place only during the joint period of the significators of houses 2 or 7 or Genuineness of the horary chart is indicated, if Moon signifies the required houses for the event under consideration, for example, for foreign going 3 or 9 or 12 houses.

It is promised, if the main house, 12th cuspal sub lord signifies houses 3 or 9 or The promised event of foreign going would happen only during the joint period of the significators of houses 3 or 9 or For fulfillment of desire, the 11th cuspal sub lord should signify houses. Read Free For 30 Days. KP for Beginners: Series 2 April Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.