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Usually it seems that what I am meant to be compatible with, I do not get along with and vise versa. The problem is they base whether they are fire, earth, air or water signs and automatically conclude they are not compatible based on it. For instance, I am a Sagittarius, and as a fire sign, I would not be meant to get along well with earth or water signs because water signs are too sensitive, and earth signs would also be difficult for a Sagittarius.

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However, they state that being with other fire signs such as Leo and Aries would definitely be a great match. I have had the opposite luck because when you put fire and fire together you will have more fire, and that means fighting and butting heads. Leveling out each other's balance is what really matters in terms of compatibility.

There is always some positive to be found with each sign, but for the ones with which we are supposedly incompatible, they are mostly negatives. I have had the best relationships and friendships with Capricorns—who I am said to be incompatible with.

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The way they come up with how you will be compatible is definitely done incorrectly. What our personalities are like does not determine how well we will get along with someone. As a Sagittarius, I am outgoing and love freedom, but they do not take into consideration my moon sign, ascendant, my other qualities, or my beliefs. Many people believe that zodiac signs mean nothing, but there are many others who do believe in them, myself included.

Even for those who believe, however, these compatibility charts are just not accurate. Zodiac signs are not individualized and specific all the time, and that has to be taken into consideration. When we read our daily horoscope, we have to understand that it is the same horoscope for anyone in the world born within that same month of our zodiac sign no matter what the age, race, or gender.

If you are dating someone you are meant to have horrible compatibility with, do not fret because it doesn't necessarily mean it is true. Love is not always about how perfectly you can get along, anyway. The one thing I have found that works is using a partner's zodiac sign to understand their behaviors and needs. You may know many different people of the same zodiac sign, and they will all be very different in terms of their communication styles, etc. It is all about the individual and the love you share.

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Thanks for writing this. I've been so worried about seemingly nothing over the fact I, a Taurus, have fallen deeply in love with an Aquarius. It is always in the back of my mind that astrology says our signs are incompatible, but it also doesn't make a lot of sense to me because she always makes me feel so good and happy and loved. I realised by reading this that signs do hold truth in certain traits people born under them will have, but everyone is an individual and utilizes their traits differently.

You need to think about compatibility based on your entire chart not just your ascendant or your sun. For example: A fire sun and a Fire sun have a lot of initial compatibility but their moons or Mars might not be compatible which is why they fight a lot. But the general idea goes that Fire and Fire think alike. You're right not to be swayed by initial compatibility ideas though.

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  • When I, a Pisces, met my partner, a Libra, I ignored the idea that we weren't astrologically compatible because I was highly attracted to her. Later, I did her whole chart.

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    It turns out the rest of our chart was extremely compatible. I use zodiac to manage relationship. It works well. The simple chart for match is not going to work. Because people is much more complicated than 12 signs. There different days, locations and other signs such as Chinese zodiac and other cultures' signs. The better usage of any zodiac match is for reference and to develop understanding of each other.

    Love is a spiritual connection, it supersedes all signs. Which is not easy but definitely worthy thr efforts to love each others regardless what signs your partners are. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc.

    As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. A very important part of any relationship compatibility is to determine whether either partner has something the other partner lacks.

    Do you know what the ratio of elements is in your charts? It can also get more involved than that. What the astrologer is looking for here is that vital link which signifies that these two people need each other. How they will come to depend upon each other, or in some way complete one another.

    Finding this kind of link is an excellent indicator for overall chart compatibility and indeed for relationship longevity. Mirrored aspects are fascinating to find between birth charts, and are usually an important factor in relationship compatibility. For example: his Sun might be conjunct her ascendant in Scorpio. According to just Sun sign compatibility, this Scorpio-Gemini couple might not be expected to get on all that well.

    Because the mirrored ascendant links tell a very different story and add a good deal of strength to the relationship.

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    • Mirrored aspects between any planet or astrological point combinations tell us a great deal about that partnership and are considered potent karmic or soulful links. Astrological Compatibility of Neighbouring Zodiac Signs. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score!

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