Cancer 12 november horoscope

What adds to this powerhouse energy this year is the cycle of Mars, your ruling planet also in intense, magical Scorpio after the 11th.

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Be prepared for the urge to merge to continue as the Scorpio New Moon on the 12th begs the question: What do you most want from your relationships and what are you willing to invest to get it? Well, this is the time to plant those seeds, oh pioneer of the zodiac. Remember the story of Ferdinand the bull? All he wanted to do was sit under the cork tree and smell the roses — until one day he sat on a bumblebee and they thought he must be ferocious enough to fight the bull in the ring in Madrid. With the Scorpio Sun in your house of relationships, joined by Mars, the planet of passion and desire in Scorpio on the 11th and the New Moon in Scorpio on the 12th, you may feel like that bull who sat on a bumblebee.

Normally, you abhor confrontation, you peace-loving bull, and it may seem that your relationships are egging you on — but the truth is that underneath that desire for peace at any price your soul wants greater intimacy and the only way to have greater intimacy is to be willing to dance in the fire.

Scorpio is the sign of transformation, magic, healing and regeneration. Remember, a playpen is an appropriate, safe structure to protect a child, but that same playpen is confining and restrictive to an adult. While you are normally gregarious, fun-loving and outgoing by nature, you may be feeling more private, with-drawn, introspective and reflective, with the Sun and Mars in Scorpio cycling in the house of your physical and emotional foundations.

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This is the time to entertain yourself in the privacy of your home and celebrate the miracle of your inner life. It would be good to undertake a project in your home so that you have a physical outlet for the intense, powerful energy of Mars, the planet of desire and action, in Scorpio.

Mercury, your guardian angel planet, leaves the focused, determined, penetrating Scorpio energy and journeys into optimistic, exuberant, enthusiastic Sagittarius on the 4th and then retrogrades on the 30th until December The message of Mercury in fiery Sagittarius is to lighten up on yourself, dear Virgo. Quit being so anal about everything having to be just so.

And with Venus, your guardian angel planet, in Libra until the 22nd when she flows into powerful Scorpio, people are coming out of the woodwork to support you in making your dreams come true.

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Yes, everything you touch can turn to gold because you believe it. Check out your astro complete guide to the next year on yearly-horoscope. This is your month of rebirth, healing, regeneration and maximum intensity, dear Scorpio. Jupiter is often referred to as the Great Benefic, as it is the planet of luck, abundance, spiritual healing, higher learning, and philosophy.

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This planet is a total pick-me-up, especially for you, Sagittarius! Which reminds me, here's why Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius will most likely have the best November ever:. The sun is in Scorpio, aka your sister sign, and it's shedding its light over your fun-filled fifth house of romance, play, and creative expression until Nov. However, that's not even the best part. On Nov.

This energy is so so helpful, as it will bring abundance and prosperity to all of your hard work, and most importantly, your well-being. Warning: Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius, and this area of your chart, on Nov.

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Make sure you read the fine print during this time, Cancer. Mercury in Sagittarius tends to be a little sloppy, as well as a procrastinator, but you've got this. The secret is to be prepared. Other than that, you're golden. Come out of your shell, Leo!

Cancer Decan 3 Horoscope

Scorpio season is almost over, and I know you can already feel it. Plus, Jupiter slides into Sagittarius, and your fifth house of fun, romance, and creative expression on Nov. Oh, and Sagittarius is your sister sign, so not only will you feel Jupiter's blessings in your creative zone, you will feel this energy at a core level, too.

What I love most about this is, the fifth house belongs to you, hence the over-the-top sassy performance vibes. That said, if you're about to launch an art project, or perhaps looking to find romance, this is your year.

Your creative juices will be flowing, and your dazzling charisma will be hard to ignore. Go and show the world what you're made of, Leo babe. Hello, you world traveler, you.

Are you ready to celebrate your solar return? Actually, better yet, are you ready to take a journey of a lifetime with your ruling planet Jupiter? Oh, Sagittarius!