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So so so so pretty. But she seems to shy away and needs to up her game a bit. I think with a bit of work we could have another contender in our midst. And yes, I do realise I have left out Kristie and Natalie. My predictions for next week: according to my horoscope in a coffee news that I found from , Natalie and Danielle will be leaving the mansion. The Wireless RSS.

Follow RNZ News. Events occurring now can lead to meaningful discoveries related to hobbies, creative pursuits, children, and long-term happiness goals.

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You're awakening to feelings you may have ignored or brushed to the side. With Mars moving into your social sector on the 4th, many recent pressures on your work or long-term goals ease. It also means your social life is picking up the pace!

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And yes, there can be some pressures related to friends and personal projects, but the speed of your life is more natural than it has been. You may be taking the initiative socially or working energetically towards cherished dreams. Planets begin heading into your privacy sector in October, starting with Mercury on the 3rd. There is a move towards more insular but also more intuitive thinking, and from the 8th when Venus follows suit, feelings, pleasures, and pastimes.

You could be spending more time in your own little world. You may have a significant meeting or event that occurs behind the scenes or a new understanding of an issue that has weighed heavily on your conscience. You see things in a more positive and forgiving light, and this is powerful.

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Also this month, matters related to your self-esteem, money, and income unblock or improve. Even so, consider ways to strengthen your sense of security through restructuring, budgeting, and organizing, or perhaps eliminating redundancies, so that you can feel more in control and back on track. Meanwhile, your social life or emotional world can be all over the place in spots. Worries about work can seep into your personal or social life at times, making it difficult to enjoy yourself. If you can find a way to take a creative escape from stress, you'll be in good shape. Fortunately, you are often very quick to understand your priorities in October.

Paying a little more attention to your private or inner world can be beneficial if it gives you the opportunity to think more deeply about certain matters. This is set to be one of your banner years, dear Sagittarius!

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The year finds your ruler, expansive Jupiter, in your sign until December, and you can similarly find yourself more comfortable in your skin in , feeling very much your true self. In truth, many Sagittarians have felt out of their element in recent years, largely due to a Saturn transit to their sign followed by Jupiter in the background of their solar charts. The year was an improvement, but also found you a little reclusive. You have two heavyweight planets in your sector of money, income, and personal resources, insisting that you simplify, transform, and shape up these things.

It can be an essential time for developing and honing your talents, watching your money more closely, reducing or getting rid of redundancies, and treating yourself with more respect. The idea now is to take care of your resources so that they take care of you! While Saturn is asking you to be responsible with your money, Uranus wants you to find a more authentic approach to your job, daily life, and routines. This can be tricky at times, but manageable.

Irregular schedules and perhaps some disruptions and tensions are possible this year as you adjust to this influence.

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Your working hours may become non-traditional, or a job may be unconventional. Work that is limiting or lifeless drags you down more than usual. It would be wise to find work that offers you not only variety and stimulation but also the chance to invent and create. Natural Wine Market: Fuelled by a rebellious yet responsible spirit, the natural category Recreation Skincare: As interest in the great outdoors surges, beauty brands are recognising the The frictionless future of grocery retail: In the wake of Amazon Go, grocery retailers are exploring how in-store Bold Baby Food: To foster a new generation of adventurous eaters, brands are offering Latest Articles.

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